IPL5 Week 1 TVRs touch new low, media planners say it’s still early days

12 Apr,2012

By A Correspondent


Indian Premier League (IPL) season five kick started on April 4 amid speculations and fear that the season would fail to deliver high viewership. The recent TVR figures released by TAM Sports may have just proved the naysayers right.


According to TAM Sports, All India Market, CS 4+ years, IPL5 witnessed an average TVR of 3.76 per cent in the first six matches, which is far lower than the previous IPL seasons. The opening ceremony itself received a mere 1.16 per cent of the average TVR.


While the IPL season five ratings for the first six matches is the lowest in comparison to previous seasons, the inaugural season (IPL1) continues to remain the highest viewed with a TVR of 5.59 per cent.


Interestingly, the cumulative reach for the first six matches too have shown a slight decline in season five as compared to season four. The cumulative reach which has been on a rise since the inaugural season of IPL reached its peak in season four and thereafter in season five witnessed a slight decline.


Mr Venkata Subramanian, Senior Director-Investments, MPG India is of the opinion that not only are the numbers positive but, also that the numbers will increase as the matches become more interesting. “These are initial ratings so the numbers are looking positive. As the matches continue to become more interesting, we can expect the ratings to also go up. Even if the TVR reaches 4.5 or 4.6 per cent, the delivery will be good not only because it is the fifth season but, also because of more number of matches.”


According to Mr Janardhan Pandey, Associate Vice President, DDB Mudra, some drop in the reach numbers were expected owing to the poor Indian team performance during the last one year and the fatigue of cricket overdose amongst the viewers. However there is no cause for major worry. “I am of view that, as the game seems to be picking up well and with the onset of vacations, the numbers will improve. Also if the games progresses well, the reach numbers towards the second half of the series may be far better than anticipated. So over all it will deliver value, obviously there will always be standard deviation, after all it’s a huge sporting extravaganza.”


The media planners are of the view that although IPL 5 may not come close to the season one ratings or even cross the season three ratings, nevertheless as the tournament progress the viewership will also increase. What remains to be seen is whether the ratings do improve or will it remain lower than the previous season?


Source : TAM Sports, Period : Wk 14, 2012, TG : CS 4+ yrs, Market : All India, Channel : MAX

This data is for First 6 matches of all IPL Seasons

* In IPL 1 one match (47th) was abandoned due to rain

* In IPL 2 two matches (7th & 13th)were abandoned due to rain

* In IPL 4 one match (20th) was abandoned due to rain

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