Idea is to make Goafest evolutionary than revolutionary: Arvind Sharma

20 Apr,2012

It takes quite an effort to put up an event of Goafest’s scale where delegates assemble to exchange and co-share ideas that have evolved over a period of time. As the first day of the festival kicked off with the Advertising Conclave, MxMIndia spoke to Arvind Sharma, festival Chairman, to gather his perspective on the start and expectations from the rest of the event.


On Ad Conclave being evolutionary

We are only half way through and there are still two days to go. From what I have heard, the start has been brilliant so far. There are more than 3,000 delegates expected, the quality of entries have gone up and the speaker line-up is exceptional. So all in all, it should be a magical Goafest.


The idea is never to make it different; the idea behind festivals like this is to make it evolutionary, than revolutionary. That’s because about 2,500 people came here last year and they expressed their liking towards what we had put up for them. So it would be irresponsible on our part to do something different. How we can make the event more relevant to the industry in the coming years, how we can add pieces, how we can add streams of participants like clients, and so on… all of these things are evolutionary. I think it needs to remain the same 90 per cent and 10 per cent, you say, how can I make it more attractive and relevant to the delegates?


On ideas taking centrestage

The media environment is changing and the consumer is changing. There are infinite number of conversations happening and they will continue to happen. But if they happen in private drawing rooms, you wouldn’t know about them, but now they happen in public. So, if two of you are chatting the whole world can see you chat.


And that creates anxieties and it creates opportunities. The speakers presented their take on how to deal with it, have stories that are linked to the brand, allow stories to evolve, and to curate the best thing that is done. The most powerful way is if you use these ideas in creative, unorthodox combinations and make people the centrepiece of everything that you do.


Future belongs to digital

I think client spends and advertising agencies’ attention and commitment have been lagging behind, where the consumers already are. We need to believe and commit to the medium of digital. So if you are not embracing digital, you would be doing disservice to your brand. Nobody disagrees on the importance that the medium bears but we need to have conversations and invite people to come and share their ideas and aspirations around the medium and that is what we intend to do at Goafest this year.



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