Goafest has grown in stature: Rahul Johri

20 Apr,2012

The Discovery network is partnering Goafest for the fourth time and the focus this year is around Discovery Kids, its soon-to-be-launched channel for kids. MxMIndia speaks to Rahul Johri, Senior Vice-president & GM, Discovery Networks on Discovery’s association with Goafest (and of course Discovery Kids and how he is looking forward to digitization).


On partnering Goafest in 2012

Goafest is a landmark event of the industry and this is our fourth year of participation in the event. The who’s who of the industry congregates here for co-sharing and exchange of ideas and solutions. It has grown in stature over the past years – the quality of speakers it attracts, the kind of discussions that take place…it has gotten better every year and that is why we are excited to partner such an event. The focus of what was said today was on good quality content and we are one of the biggest content producers in the world. It is good to hear speakers deliberate on how content is playing an integral role and is at the core of everything that we do.


On the age of digitization

The onset of digitalization presents an opportunity for niche networks to come in and therefore you see our channels like Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo or Discovery HD…these channels really thrive in a digital environment where they are not limited by capacity constraints of analog cable and we are really looking forward to digitization.


On Discovery’s stride in India

We have just announced the launch of Discovery Kids a few weeks ago and that has been a big move for us. Discovery has grown rapidly in the past one year. In the last three years, we have gone from three channels to eight channels, from two languages to five languages…so we are growing very rapidly and this year it is going to be all about Discovery Kids.


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