Goafest 2012: Net better RoI with online video ads: Lucas Watson

23 Apr,2012

By A Correspondent


In just six years since its launch, YouTube has garnered over 8 million users and billions of videos have been uploaded on the site. At Goafest, YouTube demonstrated how consumers can be used to build a brand by conducting a flash mob. Mr Lucas Watson, Global Vice President, YouTube further added to the brand’s insight by sharing his views on how ‘Magical Ideas Come When You Harness the Power of many People’.


Mr Watson put across his point when he cited how Lady Gaga has built up her brand through a passionate group of fans who have played a vital role in building the Lady Gaga brand. Mr Watson explained that nowadays it has become very easy and inexpensive to build a brand by starting a video advertising campaign online, thanks to the Internet. He said that a brand need not be big to come online and start a video campaign, all it needs is to gain the trust of its consumers. “Start a video advertising campaign online, and you will be surprised to find how people are passionate about participating with the brand they love. The magic of YouTube is available for all as it allows everyone to participate. Besides online video advertising allows a brand to run its advertisement in a cost efficient manner, delivering better RoIs.”


During the Q&A session moderated by Mr N Rajaram of Airtel, when Mr Watson explained his views on the rapidly changing role of advertising agencies: “Being creative and coming up with new ideas is a skill which not everyone has. So we need creative directors to nurture young talent to build brands. Unlike television, where consumers have a dedicated time slot to watch their favourite programme, in the online world it is the consumers who decide when to watch what and for how long.”


Talking about if there is scope for co-existence between television and online video, Mr Watson said that there is no win-win situation but, there will be either winners or losers. “Like many industries even we are going through a transformation scenario. There are brands which are afraid to disrupt their way of functioning and there are brands which are keen to reach their consumers in newer forms of media platforms and thus rapidly build their brands. Therefore, I believe there could be some co-existence but, there will also be winners and losers.”


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