Goafest 2012: Creativity plus content, the Coca-Cola way

23 Apr,2012

By A Correspondent


Speaking about creativity at Goafest, Mr Jonathan Mildenhall gave a ten point plan on creativity plus content which included key points like ‘evolving creative agenda’, ‘case for change’ and ‘the evolution of storytelling’.


Mr Mildenhall illustrated how Coca-Cola moved from creative excellence to content excellence and the way they created popular culture – which is very important in building a brand – through conversation. Highlighting the three key drivers in the ‘case for change’, Mr Mildenhall said that distribution of technology plays a key role in the growth of a brand. Citing the example of the Vodafone zoozoos, he was of the view that technology enables creativity and hence a brand must have a direct relationship with the technology company.


He also explained how a brand must encourage its consumers to express their stories because there is a need to move to dynamic storytelling. He said that brands need to converse, and not just listen to the consumers, and thereby create an inspiration provocation.


Mr Mildenhall felt that a brand’s story should connect with the consumers as there is a need for more collaborative, adaptive and connected content. He explained in detail about how a brand need to understand how to use research to expand its ideas to the creative best and the importance of brands to iterate and not just replicate content.


During the Q&A session, moderated by Mr Sanjay Behl, CEO Reliance Digital, when Mr Mildenhall was asked on the consequences of negative conversation on brands and the dramatically changing role of marketers in the road ahead, he said:’It depends on how we are creating conversation content that users are generating. If brands inspire good conversation, it will no doubt benefit the brand because I believe that eventually good wins over evil but, brands have to be a lot more open or transparent in their conversation and relation with their consumers.”


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