First 16 matches of IPL5 score 3.65 TVR

19 Apr,2012

By A Correspondent


The ratings for the first sixteen matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) season five are out. As per TAM Sports, CS 4+ years, All India, IPL5 continues to deliver lower ratings as compared to the previous seasons. While the average TVR for the first 16 matches stood at 3.65 per cent, the ratings for the same number of matches during IPL4 were at a TVR of 4 per cent.


The inaugural season (IPL1) continues to remain the highest viewed with a TVR of a whopping 5.08 per cent. Although these are still initial stages, what remains to be seen is whether the ratings show any improvement as the tournament progresses. Interestingly, while the cumulative reach has been increasing every IPL season, the cumulative reach for the first sixteen matches in season five showed a reverse trend with a marginal decline as compared to the cumulative reach it had in IPL4.


According to Mr Ajay Rao, Vice President, Dentsu, these numbers are not surprising because they were expected to be lower than the previous seasons. He was also of the view that the GECs will not be impacted by IPL as most of the GECs have their own loyal viewers. “I don’t find the ratings surprising at all, these numbers were as per expectations. The opening ceremony itself was a damp squib which could perhaps be a sign of things to come. Once the initial glam is over, IPL5 could witness further decline in viewership. However, I don’t think GEC’s have much to worry about this season because over the years they have developed their own loyal viewers. Perhaps the challenge now for GECs is to not just focus on their loyal viewers but, find ways how to garner new viewers.”


Source : TAM Sports, Period : First 16 matches of all IPL Seasons, TG : CS4+, Market : All India, Channel : MAX

 * In IPL 1 one match (47th) was abandoned due to rain, * In IPL 2 two matches (7th & 13th)were abandoned due to rain, * In IPL 4 one match (20th) was abandoned due to rain


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