Don’t ignore TV & print: Joy Chakraborthy

23 Apr,2012

Joy Chakraborthy, CEO, TV Today gets candid as he talks with MxM India about the quality of sessions that were held at Goafest 2012 and what the committee needs to consider for 2013.


How would you rate the several sessions that were held this year at Goafest?

It’s good to see some good speakers at the sessions this year, but I would still suggest that they should have had some sessions on media because we are talking about future technologies while we are also talking about existing technologies like television and print – that is what I found missing. It’s always good to come back to Goafest because you get to meet all your friends, interact and network with them and partake of the nostalgia. So it’s great place to network, party and go back.


Is digital receiving too much of a prominence at Goafest?

Digital is getting prominence everywhere but people should not forget that all existing mediums are going to coexist; nothing is going to replace anything. The focus should also be on television and print and they should have got some speakers from these mediums too, as they need to be told what are they doing to sustain in these mediums because they are also growing. I have already put forth these recommendations to the committee. If you see, all sponsors are from print and broadcast, so they need to make these mediums inclusive in their plans.


What are your views on the awards that were held this year?

I think the awards got a little boring towards the end. Till Media Abbys were given it was good, but once it got to digital and other verticals it became boring. A few moments at the awards were interesting like the laser presentation made by Google.


What are your travel plans for Goafest 2013?

I think it’s always good to come here but I hope they accept our recommendations. I felt a bit let down this year, as you are setting standards of Cannes, you cannot afford to have technological glitches (as it happened on the first day at the Conclave); it reflects badly on us Indians. Such issues need to be addressed better.


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  1. PM says:

    Good point Joy. I would suggest that at least 50% of the event should be dedicated and focused on that part of the Advertising industry that, even today, despite the omnipresence of digital etc, generates the largest proportion of income for the industry. How to grow that volume, for instance ? The balance 50% could then be dedicated to develop thinking and an approach towards future opportunities. Follow the money guys!