Digital is tomorrow and we’ve to be ready for it: Piyush Pandey

21 Apr,2012

Since three of the Creative Abby categories were awarded on Friday night, Piyush Pandey and his team in black were in attendance and celebrating as they walked away with several honours. A quick chat with Big Man:


How did you find the awards show hosted Friday night?

I think it was a fantastic awards night where the media had a lot of innovative ideas and a lot of good things came out, which should be an inspiration to the youngsters, especially from the digital and design verticals. Also, I am very proud of the work my team is doing, particularly Fox Crime – they have swept the show by winning the Grand Prix so I am a very happy man. The key is: digital is tomorrow and we have to be ready today for tomorrow.


One of the big things to happen this year is the addition of Grand Prix in the Media Abby. What are your thoughts behind the inclusion?

I think there should always be a Grand Prix. We must always recognize the best work that is done. I am not a believer that Grand Prix is a world record that was broken in 1982, which we just work for this year. Personally, I believe there should be Grand Prix every time, but then juries are subjective and they will have their own point of view but I would always give a Grand Prix, no matter where in the world I judge. I have done that everywhere and I will continue to do it.


The emphasis this year was on getting young marketers at the event…

I think India is a very young country – the marketers are young, the advertising agencies are young, the youth is such a huge composition of our population, so let’s all try and be a little young and I think that’s what is important.


A message you would want to relay…

I think I can give only one message where advertising is concerned. Always celebrate your success, don’t be indulgent in terms of creating hype but celebrate your successes. If you don’t enjoy the day how will you enjoy the next day.


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