Debrief: Slice: Ras nahin, boredom barsa

26 Apr,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Slice is back this summer with another ‘Aamsutra’ ad. And it again features Katrina Kaif. ‘Ab Ras Barsega’ is the idea, and that line is pregnant with tantalizing possibilities.


Sadly however, nothing really happens. The pretty lady is seen gallivanting around in a garden, as she alternately consumes lots of mangoes and lots of Slice. A qawwali track plays in the background to give the ad film a movie song feel. Nothing wrong with that per se… after all we do love watching film songs… but the script is so weak, the commercial leaves you high and dry.


Two big problems. For the song treatment to have worked, the TVC needed a little storyline. If romance was the intention, the ad needed the presence of a lover for Kaif, or at least an indication of a lover. If Slice is playing the lover, no wonder it’s a flop show. Secondly, if Kaif had to go solo, which means the entertainment factor rests totally on her shoulders, the ad needed to pack in a lot of raw sensuousness and oomph. But even that doesn’t happen, maybe the advertiser chickened out of it. Kaif looks pretty plain and boring in this TVC.


Net net: It’s quite painful to watch the ad. And given that Katrina Kaif is the protagonist, that’s a criminal thing to happen.


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 1.5 Good qawwali. Dull video.


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