Debrief: IDEA 3G: Sirji, it’s not working!

24 Apr,2012

By Anil Thakraney


The IDEA guys are back with another set of ads featuring Small B. This time to promote their 3G smartphone apps. There is one app which apparently drives mosquitoes away, and no, I didn’t make that up!


The problem IDEA has been facing with its advertising is: They have taken on two tasks. One, to change the world. And two, to make you laugh out loud while they are at it. This is a rather dicey deal, and it’s no wonder that IDEA’s advertising is highly inconsistent. When they get the balance right, the effort shines, as was the case with the ‘mass migrations’ ad. And when they go wrong, they go badly wrong, as is the case with the new campaign.


The idea this time is: ‘An IDEA can change your afterlife’. And so, Small B is seen selling 3G apps to creatures in heaven. I watched some commercials and was left scratching my head on what in heaven’s name is going on. Who is Small B? Is he the god of death? Or an angel? Or an earthling who’s taken a non-stop flight to heaven? Why on earth has heaven been chosen as the setting for this campaign? (I am all for surprising solutions but not for senseless solutions.) Is this not creating confusion instead of adding clarity to the communication? Also, what’s the public service message out here? And as if all this chaos isn’t enough, there is zero wit in the scripts. The forced humour leaves you totally irritated.


In short, IDEA fails this time on all counts. What a mess! They may as well have chosen hell as the setting. That may have been apt.


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 0. Confusing & boring

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