Bindass goes Rest Less, for good

12 Apr,2012

By A correspondent


It’s perhaps a brand that’s far ahead of its time and is known for taking generational leaps to adapt to new market dynamics. It was thus natural on its part to undergo a makeover exercise once again what with the youth of today having undergone a radical transformation in their habits.


Being the third such makeover for the company, youth brand Bindass has announced yet another repositioning exercise that’ll see them don a new garb in everything that they do. Effective April 16, Bindass will present itself in a new and refined avatar to the world with a focus that’ll be even more skewed towards the youth of today. The new change would read: Bindass – Rest Less.


Elaborating on the proposed switchover, Keith Alphonso, Business Head, Bindass said: “April 16 is the switch-on date where you’ll see Bindass in a new packaging, new promos, new music, new logos & graphics, new shows and every other touchpoint as well.”


Delving into the specifics of the makeover exercise, Mr Alphonso said that the entire exercise kicked off in October 2011 where a few important points were taken up for analysis. “The first was we took a long hard look at our business and committed to our stated business intent that we wanted to broadbase Bindass into a youth brand and not just exist as a television channel. The idea was to get Bindass to a position where it was relevant to young people and fulfil a very visible need-gap. We thus went back to the market and for three months did a fair amount of research with Ormax and MarketGate and we zeroed in on a position which we are going to craft Bindass as a brand to occupy.”


Explaining the positioning that the brand sought to occupy, Mr Alphonso said: “The position is something that celebrates success and was based on two trends that we observed over a period of time. One trend was the super-confidence that the Indian youth of today boast about where they see opportunity in everything that they do. But if you scratch a little below the surface, you will notice a certain amount of fragility as well. That’s because of the kind of competition that has been created in the marketplace. As we put it, it’s called ‘fragile invincibility’ – as confident and invincible as they seem they are also plagued with problems and they look for a brand as a touchstone. So what we are doing now is to craft Bindass as the brand that gets you there. The brand that holds your hand on that journey and not to be confused with a career and competition brand, so to speak. That’s because for the young person, success has many connotations. This was the value proposition that we latched on to.”


Having shortlisted on the value proposition, the next move was to get help on the communications front and search for options on how to sell the concept to the desirable TG. That’s where they approached Taproot co-founder Agnello Dias, who has been associated with the brand in its previous makeover exercise as well. Mr Alphonso affirmed: “We got Agnello Dias of Taproot onboard who suggested the tagline Bindass -Rest Less. The idea was that it celebrates constant perpetual energy of the youth of today. So the brand value is about celebrating the people who rest less and succeed. As for the communication, it will happen across multiple mediums, including mass media, print, and so on, but importantly, however we are perceived we will ensure that the spirit of Bindass – Rest less will be embedded there.”


Mr Agnello Dias, Chairman and Co-founder, Taproot India, added: “A key trait that marks youth behaviour today is a sense of constant motion; everyone is either going somewhere or doing something all the time. This non-stop motion, well-channelized is the new objective ideal. Settling down is fast going down the priority list. The bubbling undercurrents of discovery, exploration, invention, challenge, action seem to top that list. The new brand campaign for Bindass captures precisely this, that the youth today are ‘Rest Less’ and actually rest even lesser. We had earlier worked on Bindass’ immensely successful ‘What I am’ campaign as well which really caught on with the youth and this time around with Rest Less we hope to continue connecting with them yet again.”


On how these changes would be reflected on the channel and other properties,  Mr Alphonso stated: “We will be launching two new shows – Live out Loud and Fear Less – in April and July, which will reflect the new change that we are talking about. LOL will let individuals say the one thing they always wanted to say with 250 people from Bindass supporting them in their stance. Fear Less is a gang of friends coming together to help one of their own overcome a debilitating fear. With these shows and more we are moving to a stage where we want to aid in transformation.”


In fact that’s not all, as part of its efforts to be seen as an integrated brand Bindass would be tapping the medium of YouTube in a big way. “We would be launching a new channel on YouTube where we will be releasing short-form programmes only for that space. That medium has its own unique consumption patterns and parameters. We will be creating exclusive content for users on YouTube and not rehash content from somewhere else. Even our Facebook page will go under a radical new layout where you’ll have newsletters giving you information on movie deals, contests, tickets for matches, and so on. The idea is everything that we do is going to be about helping young kids get to their goal faster,” assured Mr Alphonso.


When asked on the need for undertaking continuous makeover exercises, Alphonso reverted: “It has been a deliberate move to undergo repositioning again. When we launched in 2007 we were about Bindass – TV, Web,Mobile- that was a time when other channels were yet to discover multiple content. From there to 2010, we came out with a very attitude-based positioning which was Bindass – What I Am. There was a prevalent thought among young people at that point in time that they just wanted to be themselves. We reflected this non-judgmental spirit of theirs by saying it is an attitude. That was successful for us because it pushed us into a branded play. As of today, because we wanted to broad base our brand, because we wanted to be seen as more than a television channel, to become a new touchstone so that new business opportunities can be explored – for that to happen, brand Bindass had to have a call to action. And, therefore, the new positioning of Rest Less.”


While the first two repositioning exercises did wonders for Bindass in terms of acceptability and attracting GRPs, the idea going forward would be to move beyond being just a channel and move into a space where it could become a huge brand by itself. Affirmed Mr Alphonso: “Probably in a year or two, I could launch Bindass range of jeans and get into doing other such activities; that is what our focus would be going forward. At the end of 18-odd months, you will see the emergence of umbrella youth brand Bindass that will also have a television channel, an events division, branded services, digital, and so on.”


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