Anil Thakraney: What to do with scam ads?

23 Apr,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Quite frankly, if there is a scam happening in every walk of life in this maha corrupt nation of ours, how can we expect the advertising creative people to behave like Bapu or Mother Teresa? They are products of the same rotten system; they haven’t arrived from planetNeptune. Which is why I don’t really blame the sods who indulge in fraudulent ads. They are simply living up to the high moral ideals that have been set in this country.


Still, have you ever wondered about the real reason why creatives do this mischief?

And what can be done to control this menace without Anna Hazare’s intervention? I think both, the explanation and the solution is simple. This is no Agni missile science.


The reason these scam ads thrive is the same reason hawkers land up on the footpath right outside your apartment block. Because people buy from these hawkers. If the residents become united and declare that they will not buy a single item from these trespassers, the hawkers would vanish. Similarly, ad agency chiefs must not only throw out job seekers who land up with scam work, they should blacklist these chors, so that the entire ad world becomes aware of their misdeeds.


Even a simple thing like a Facebook page can be created to upload resumes of habitual scamsters. This will ensure folks think many times before they cheat.


The core problem is that creative directors ACTUALLY hire people based on the work done and awards won through scamming, rather than based on the real advertising they produce. And this encourages people to churn out fake ads. So the solution lies at the desk of the agency leaders.


The question is: Are they willing to stem the rot? Probably not. My own suspicion is that some of the ad bigwigs themselves do scam ads. And so this explains why the problem is proving to be so difficult to solve.


In short, no point blaming the youngsters. They are only following a system that has been allowed to flourish.


* * *


PS: Here’s a list ofIndia’s worst journalists. Compiled by a blogger, and it’s the result of a poll. (Also don’t miss the comments.) You may or may not agree with the views expressed, but you have to agree it’s a totally interesting read!





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