Anil Thakraney: Singhvi’s colourful CD

27 Apr,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Ok, so the TV studios are yet again buzzing with excited chats on how to censor the social media. The same issues are being gassed upon. Law, freedom of expression, ethics, morality, blah blah. The trigger this time is that horny CD of Congressman Abhishek Manu Singhvi in action, which has gone viral on the net. Singhvi, of course, says the CD is fabricated, but then that’s what they all claim when naughty folks are caught with their pants down.


I watched the video (carefully, hehe) and here are my observations on it, as well as on the television chats.


The English television anchors appear very keen that Singhvi is quickly proved innocent and is re-instated as the Congress spokesman. They aren’t saying so directly, but their arguments and concern for the man is easy to see. This is what happens when you bond with the politicians… you get attached to them. And this sends objectivity for a toss. TV journos based inDelhisimply HAVE to find a way to remain detached and dispassionate.


Yes, a ‘sting operation’ conducted by a disgruntled driver cannot be trusted. Therefore, all speculative discussions on the mass media must immediately end. And we must wait till the forensics guys give us their verdict. This is the fair thing to do.


However, let’s get one thing clear: The chatter on the social media will go on for a bit, one cannot control it; there is no chance of the law finding a way to beat new technology. So instead of frothing over it, it’s best to let it be. Very soon the restless Twitterites will get bored of Singhvi, and will find a new bakra.


Next, the CD itself. Because the audio isn’t clear, as a lay viewer, one cannot ascertain whether Singhvi compromised professionally with the lady lawyer. And if it’s later proved that he did not, and was simply having fun in his office, then the sex romp becomes his wife’s problem, not ours. In which case he should be left alone to sort out his domestic mess. And I say this despite the fact that the man works for a political party. Every individual has the right to his/her personal life. All the more reason the TV debates are being unwittingly unfair to him.


On the other hand, if it gets established that the man compromised his powerful position, Singhvi ought to be sent to jail, no less. Only then must he become a topic of chat shows.


On a lighter note, I have to say Singhvi finally found a way to entertain us. For years he’s been plugging his stained leaders on TV, and boring us to death with his desperately unconvincing arguments. So, a big thank you is in order.


Lastly, wish the driver had done a stint with Tehelka before he decided to trap his boss. No, I have no issues with the poor quality of the video, that’s fine. But the camera angle is ridiculous, it conceals the significant parts. 🙂


* * *


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