Anil Thakraney: Dirty Picture, Dirty Mess

25 Apr,2012

By Anil Thakraney


The movie world is pissed off over the I&B Ministry abruptly stopping the telecast of the raunchy flick, The Dirty Picture. This was scheduled for screening last Sunday.


Yes, they have every reason to be angry. First, because the film had to undergo as many as 59 cuts in order to make the dirty picture ‘clean’… as in suitable for family viewing on television. This is crazy to begin with. All those unlucky kids who were kicked out of the multiplexes (which is a rare occurrence these days), would have made sure to get hold of a pirated DVD, and would have already enjoyed Vidya Balan’s ‘show’. In that context, the cuts make little sense.


The film frat has also reason to get riled because the I&B Ministry’s sudden intervention renders the censor certificate useless. Nothing more than a meaningless rubber stamp. May as well dismiss the censor board and let the politicians decide what we must or must not watch at home and in the movie halls. So far, so bad.


However, in all this din, everyone overlooked the channel’s role in this dirty drama.

The Central Board of Film Certification’s guideline clearly states that a UA certified film can be shown only AFTER 11pm. In which case, why did the channel slot the film for primetime viewing? Carelessness or lack of knowledge of the rules or pressure from the sponsors and the advertisers? You can decide the reason, I don’t know.


But the point I am making is that while I have no love lost for the politicians and loathe their unwanted interference in our lives, the enraged filmi types must also examine the channel’s role in this mess. Before they tweet off their collective anger.

Clearly, the picture is pretty dirty from all angles.


* * *


PS: An author has written a horror story on Twitter. No kidding! And he’s picked up a huge number of followers. Amazing and interesting. Makes me think: This could be a medium for putting out fantastic, engrossing ad scripts. Those with engaging stories.


Consider this: Cost: no issues. Production headaches: zero. No need for expensive celebs. And the 30 second duration killed. Copywriters must give this brand new medium a serious thought.





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