Anchor: Rahul Jauhari’s 5 must-do’s on the Web

24 Apr,2012

1. You Be You:

Having five different aliases won’t help. Sooner or later you’re going to go nuts trying to consolidate them. It’s easier being your own self. And while you’re at it, avoid the Alpha Male 97 kinds. It may be cool when you’re a kid. But try mailing your CV from and see if you get a response. Unless you hate your own name, a is perfectly fine.


2. Look before you like:

“RIP Dad. You will be sorely missed.” – 75 likes.

Sheesh. I mean I do hope you know there’s a thin line between liking a statement and liking a sentiment.  The same rule applies to “No water in the loo for the second day in a row.”


3. Take care when you share:

Content rules. And the content you put out, original or shared, pretty much defines the kind of person you are. Online reputation is built over time, destroyed sooner. Pretty much like in the offline world. Tweet crap and in no time you’ll be on lists that go ‘avoidlikeplague’


4. Check out before you check-in:

So it’s cool to be all over Foursquare. So cool that your boss is on it as well. Right? So think twice before checking into Blue Frog the same evening you killed your best friend for a bunk. Nothing is as private or personal as you’d like to believe. Especially with the likes of Twitter, FB, Linked-in, Foursquare, cross-sharing data/updates etc.


5. Do unto others as…

Hate spam? Don’t spam. Detest daily pokes? Don’t poke daily. Hate being stalked? Don’t stalk. And so on and so forth. Yeah. It sounds preachy and biblical, but it’s true. A good citizen of the online world will be liked, respected and tolerated longer than others. Patience runs thin here. No one likes to suffer jerks. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.


Rahul Jauhari is National Creative Director, Everest Brand Solutions


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