The Anchor: Anita Nayyar on 6 things she has learnt from being in the media business

10 Apr,2012

It seems like a lifetime that one has been in the media business. One learns from every profession but it’s a different learning if one has had a dramatic shift in professions. From being a Microbiologist & Pathologist to the business of Media has been a long and interesting journey.


Passion pays:

Passion pays tremendously. Inspite of a dramatic shift in profession I realize that it was/is my passion to excel in whatever I do, has paid off in my career.


Adapt as you progress:

Key to success is to be always ready to adapt oneself especially in the fast moving and evolving industry like media. From full service to media brands, from implementation to strategy and planning, from traditional media solutions to integrated solutions, from media to communications, from media planning to communication planning.


Eye for detail:

As they say “God lies in the details”. In the fast paced, unorganized world of media and advertising unplanned and non implement-able big ideas fail to make impact of any kinds.


Hardwork & Dedication:

There is no shortcut to success. Hardwork and dedication are the key ingredients to a good professional recipe. Especially when you don’t have any mentors. Get known by your work.


Multiple solutions:

It is important to always have multiple solutions; it reduces the chances of failure.

Alternates are keys to media solutions.


Never repeat mistakes:

In media you are allowed to make a mistake only once hence, never ever repeat a mistake, it costs.


Anita Nayyar is the CEO, India & South Asia at Havas Media


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  1. Himanshu says:

    I liked the piece of advice on Passion and Adaptability…leading by example…from microbiologist to Media…WOW you need both Passion and Adaptability to succeed…thanks Ms Nayyar!