AdStrat: Limca ‘Pyaas Badhao’

30 Apr,2012

KV Sridhar, NCD, Leo Burnett


1. Name of the Campaign: Limca ‘Pyaas Badhao’


2. The Brief:

Limca has been a long-standing brand with great equity among consumers, especially in markets like Punjab, Delhi, West U.P., Chennai and Andhra Pradesh.


The ambition was to create a positive discontinuity for Limca that would build off the strong thirst-quenching & freshness credentials- while laddering upto a strong point of view as a brand philosophy.


3. Research insights:

While thirst quenching is the central attribute for the product, the brand needed to have a ‘larger than life’ emotional role in its story telling. With the feedback from the consumers, we had a well-researched and sharper take on what ‘freshness’ meant for the consumers. So we picked up this specific insight and created a communication interpreting thirst for a larger audience – the thirst to make it big.


4. The thought process behind the creative:

Limca’s took up the task of encouraging everyday ordinary people to aim higher and strive to reach their dreams – Where Limca quenches the physical thirst that one gets when one sets out to achieve more each time. And we encapsulated the thought in the call to action – ‘Pyaas Badhao’.


5. Media vehicles chosen:

We chose various mediums like TV, Outdoors, Print and Point of Sales to reach more and more people.


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

It was important for us to strike the right balance between sincere efforts put in by the guy and the light-hearted ones. Also Kareena Kapoor’s tone and mannerisms were consciously kept towards the lighter side so that we don’t come across as preachy. The effort guy puts in the commercial also needed to capture the physical exhaustion he goes through to justify the well deserved and much needed bottle of Limca he gets in the end.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

Yes! The creative assigned a clear role to Limca – the previously unanswered question, Why should I have a Limca? – now stands resolved. Limca is about the physical thirst that one works up while chasing his emotional thirst (of his dreams)


8. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

Everyday people set goals for themselves and they go through a lot of hard work and perseverance in order to achieve it. With the powerful, real life message we as a brand have tried to talk to each one of those people inIndiawho thirst to achieve more and more.


9. Market and client feedback:

Early reaction is very positive from the market.


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