Ad Strat: The friendship pug

02 Apr,2012

Rajiv Rao, NCD, Ogilvy &Mather


1. Name of the Campaign: Vodafone Network


2. The Brief: In the initial phase of market development Vodafone had communicated ‘Where ever you go, our network follows’ using the Pug. The campaign made our brand synonymous to an omnipresent network and gave it the stature of a constant companion.


As the market evolved, in the next phase, we needed to build a strong consumer perception on not only the network presence, but also of Vodafone’s network quality.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

3. Researchinsights:  Research helped us identify that the key parameters in the perception of a good quality network are – connectivity, voice clarity and call continuity( no call drops).


4. The thought process behind the creative: The network qualifiers being slightly technical in nature, we needed a story to bring them to life. The stories we chose used metaphors of friendship in all 3 ads. Each TVC showed our Pug, who signifies our network, being the enabler in forming and growing this friendship.


5. Media vehicles chosen: TV, Outdoor, Print, Radio, Digital


6. Does the treatment do justice to the brief? Yes, we made sweet stories, the Vodafone way, to tell a very tangible network promise. Our metaphors were simple to understand, distinct and left an impact yet emotional to touch hearts.


7. What is the differentiating factor about the ad? In a market where the network promise has mostly been a show what you mean exercise, we have taken the lesser travelled emotional route to communicate the same promise. We have precious moments of interactions between 2 friends coming closer with our Pug (network) as the enabler.


8. Market and client feedback:

200,000 plus views on YouTube in 1 month

Early indicators, from a business perspective, look positive. Results are still expected.


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