Abby should be Indian in approach: Nandini Dias

21 Apr,2012

Nandini Dias, COO, Lodestar UM speaks to MxM India on being the agency to bag the highest number of awards at Media Abby and what the Goafest committee needs to do for the future. Excerpts:


How would you rate Lodestar UM’s performance this year at the Abbys?

I think we have performed very well this year. The total number of awards is only 27, which I guess is quite a small number. But within that we have won 6 awards, which is amongst the highest this year.


Your opinion on the inaugural Grand Prix being constituted?

Grand Prix has been a regular award in all the other advertising festivals, so it is a good thing that it has come here. We had all agreed in the pre-juding session that it has to be made a part of the awards and it has begun from this year. So I am glad about the outcome.


Inclusion of South Asian countries at Abbys

I am not sure about their participation. I think this is an Indian award and there are enough of other global awards, so I am not sure whether the vision is to make Abbys as big as other global awards like Cannes. But if that is the vision, then why just South Asia – there can be many other countries. I think we should continue these awards as Indian awards and not otherwise.


Comparisons between Goafest and Cannes…

The awards, I guess, could be better conducted and done in cooler times. It is too hot and for people like me who hail from here, this is a tough time to be here. Frankly, if India wants to do it global, then it can do anything as it is as good a style as anything else in the world. I have no doubt about the capability or the ability of the people concerned, but the question is: do you want another award that is international, global and fighting or do you want to make it an Indian award. So that’s a different division altogether.


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