9XM launches international music channel 9XO

24 Apr,2012

By Shruti Pushkarna


9X Media Pvt Ltd has launched an international music channel called 9XO today. 9XO is the sixth music channel from the 9XM Group, which at present runs a popular Bollywood music channel 9XM, a Punjabi music channel 9X Tashan, Marathi music channel 9X Jhakaas, Timeless Bollywood Hits channel 9X Jalwa and 9XM-UK which is available on the Sky Digital Platform.


Luke Kenny

Speaking to MxMIndia on the launch of 9XO, Programming Head for 9XO, Luke Kenny said: “Till date there has never been a 100 per cent pure international music television channel. With 9XO, we are bringing the music video experience back full circle to the way the audience likes it, uninterrupted…with no non-music programming whatsoever.”


Said Punit Pandey, Sr. VP and Business Head, 9X Media Pvt. Ltd: “Post a series of successful launches across the regional and Hindi markets and the launch of 9XM in the United Kingdom, we are pleased to present 9XO – an international music channel. The urban youth in India clearly feels the need of a platform that delivers international music in a great audio visual format. With 9XO, we believe that we address this need gap by airing the best of English and international music.”


Talking about the programming content on 9XO, Mr Kenny said: “9XO will air contemporary and up-tempo English and International music. The channel’s programming lineup comprises fresh and innovative segments such as O-Vid, Who Dat, Wotta Song, Hot Sh*t and Out There, among many others, which will showcase hit international music cutting across genres, themes and artists.” The channel is targeted at the upscale urban youth.


Speaking of the differentiating factors of 9XO, Mr Kenny told MxMIndia: “The resurgence of Indian artists and bands playing English music has encouraged us to introduce a unique platform on 9XO called OmeGrown. The platform will highlight Indian talent and will bring to the fore the multi-talented youth who are pursuing English music and its sub-cultures in creative ways. The global explosion of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) will find a special place on the channel on weekends giving the dance music audience their very own house party experience. BYOB (Bring You Our Beats) is an uninterrupted flow of all the hottest dance hits from the biggest global DJs. All you have to do is leave your TV tuned to 9XO and dance!”


Another differentiating factor of the channel will be its packaging, added Mr Kenny. He said: “9XO’s channel packaging has been designed using pop-art influences and elements with a layer of humour and attitude which would delight our target group. We are convinced and confident that the channel will receive a great response and will become the ultimate destination for international music.”


Talking about how 9XO will differentiate itself from existing international music channels (like Vh1), Mr Kenny said: “Apart from no non-music content, there will be no music blocks that ‘block’ the rotation of hits that will be programmed. The commercial breaks will be substantially lesser than the traditional formats. And there will always be a song that everyone likes playing at any given time. A dedicated channel website will offer opportunities for the social media generation to generate and share their own playlists, music and humour content as well.”


9XO has also launched its official website, www.9xO.in simultaneously with the on-air launch. The website will engage the users with a series of innovative sections such as O-BOARD, LAUGH-O-RAMA, and so on. O-BOARD will encourage the youth to create their own playlist with their selected songs and share it with other users. There will also be a special college playlist section, where students from various colleges all over the country can create their own college playlists and publish the same on the website. LAUGH-O-RAMA will provide a platform to Indian comedians to showcase their talent and get internet users to rank them.


Speaking of the launch campaign, Mr Kenny confessed that there were no big gigs planned around the launch. He told MxMIndia: “We would like our audience to discover the channel currently and would look at a 360 degree marketing campaign at a later stage comprising ATL and BTL activities targeting multiple touch points.”

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