8 days to Go-Goafest: Ajay Kakar on why the client frat should not attend Goafest!

11 Apr,2012

By Ajay Kakar


I do believe that as a client/marketer you should definitely not waste your valuable time attending the Goafest…


…if you believe that agency partners have no role to play in the building, nurturing and success of your brand


…if you believe that the output of your agency partners is mere creatives


…if you believe that your agency partners do not value your presence and encouragement


…If you believe that your agency is a mere vendor


…If you have not certified the entries made by your agency as your work, actioned by you


…if you believe that agency partners do not want to share their success and joyous moments with you


…if you feel that it is ‘their’ win and you have had no role to play in it


…if you do not feel a sense of ownership and pride to see your agency win


…if you do not want to partake in their success celebrations


…if you do not feel the need to be by the side of your agency team, holding their hand – in case they do not win


…If you do not hope and aspire that some day your agency will do work that is worthy of industry recognition


…if you feel that there is nothing that you have not seen, or there is nothing left for you to learn from


…if you do not feel inspired by work that has won the recognition of a distinguished panel of jury


…if you do not feel the need to be inspired by speakers who have proved their mettle against the best of the best – in India and abroad


…If you believe that the only place for good creatives to be displayed at is the Jehangir Art Gallery


…If you would not like to see all the best work done, from across the country, from across agencies, across the year, at one place – at one time


…If you do not like to meet your peers from the advertising, media and marketing fraternities


…If you believe that the 3000+ people who went last year have wasted their time


…If you….


Rather than think, procrastinate and defer the decision, come and experience the learning, the networking, the inspiration, the bonding….kuch din to gujariye Goafest men. And I can assure you that you will come back for more. Take it from a client who has been there every year, with a contingent size that could be the envy of many an agencies.


Ajay Kakar is CMO – Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group



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