7 Days to Go-Goafest: Rajan Narayan on why Goafest is a hub of creativity

12 Apr,2012

By Rajan Narayan


Because our clients do not allow us to say interesting things on their behalf.


Because where else would you find people who’ve chucked high paying jobs for peanuts?


Because Goa is far, far better than Gokul. Because we’re too honest to do financial scams.


Because Cannes is beyond reach.


Because we aren’t dull boys.


Because where else are the essentials of a brief: the product, the TG and the market in one place?


Because even if we don’t have a heavy bank balance or a heavy address at least we’ll have a heavy brass trophy.


Because it’s a low-cost, self-paying method for the big seths of advertising to humour their underlings.


Because only so many drunks will listen to the gyan of old men.


Because client deadlines can wait at least one weekend in a year.


Because we need better memories than staring bleakly as our best ideas are thrashed about by lesser men.


Because if not an award, at least there’s a chick waiting in the white sands of Goa.


Because in one shot, in one place we can show our peers, our metal.


Because pure art needs a gallery.


Because there are only some who’ll get it.


Because we want to spend some time with people with our abilities and frailties.


Because if a salesman and a banker can get an award, we can too.


Because we need to do a pilgrimage at least once a year.


Because even if no one cares and no one applauds our work, it should not mean that we can’t.


Because indeed, we’re worth every bit of it.

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