27 matches later, IPL 5 is the lowest ever with 3.53 per cent TVR

26 Apr,2012

By a Correspondent


The ratings for the first 27 matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 5 are out. As per TAM Sports, CS 4+ years, All India, IPL5 continues to deliver lower ratings as compared to the previous seasons. While the average TVR for the first 27 matches stood at 3.53 per cent, the ratings for the initial 26 matches played during IPL4 were at a TVR of 3.88 per cent.


The inaugural season (IPL1) continues to remain the highest viewed with a TVR of a whopping 4.80 per cent. Although these are still initial stages, what remains to be seen is whether the ratings show any improvement as the tournament progresses.


Interestingly, while the cumulative reach has been increasing year on year, the cumulative reach for the first twenty seven matches in season five on the other hand has shown a reverse trend with a marginal decline as compared to the first three IPL seasons.


It may be recalled that while the opening ceremony had received a mere 1.16 per cent of the TVR, the first six matches witnessed its lowest ever TVR in the history of the tournament. A number of factors have been attributed for the low IPL viewership this season – too much cricket, India’s dismal performance the Test and ODI matches against England and Australia and so on.


According to Jacinta S Bhoite, Director, Minesweeper: “The ratings are certainly not good and there are a number of factors responsible for the low viewership. The entertainment factor seems to be missing this year, there is a perception among viewers that the matches are fully predictable and hence they continue watching their regular television programmes. However as the tournament progress, especially after the final four teams are selected, the ratings are expected to see some improvements.”


Source : TAM Sports, Period : First 27 matches of all IPL Seasons, TG : CS 4+ yrs, Market : All India, Channel : MAX


* In IPL 1 one match (47th) was abandoned due to rain
* In IPL 2 two matches (7th & 13th)were abandoned due to rain
* In IPL 4 one match (20th) was abandoned due to rain


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  1. Coolkarni says:

    Also, with CAS implementation in July, lets see wats I&B’s stance. Even after paying for subscribed channels, are the channels free of ADS. IDEALLY, ADVERTISEMENTS SHOULD ONLY AIR ON FREE TO AIR CHANNEL TELECAST. i.e. Those who just have set top box & do not pay for any channels. OR ELSE we know what happens in INDIA. Lotto dono jage se …. 🙂

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    Why is it always RATINGS to do with any activity on televsion. Are these for the consumers or for advertisers.
    Cause 5 years down, nobody will watch Ads on TV due to features provided by Tata Sky plus (etc) where one can record & just skip the ads & with iptv & video on demand gaining popularity. Even TAM can’t cope with future of TV viewing even if it says it does. GOD BLESS !!