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21 Mar,2012

By Shubhangi Mehta


The e-commerce boom has attracted a new player,, a Delhi-based company offering luxury brands on the web. Launched in Jan 2012, the company aims to offer exclusive, tailor-made and personalized experiences to its members.


The current size of the e-commerce industry is $11.2 billion with 8-10 million transactions a year. A lot of international luxury brands are providing their products and services in India through e-commerce channel. In November 2011 itself, 27.2 million online users in the age group of 15 and above accessed retail category from home. The fact that nearly 3 out of 5 internet users shop online speaks volumes about the impact and growth prospects of this industry.


Excluzen not only provides premium brands but also lays emphasis on experiences that no other e-commerce portal offers, such as personalized charters, yachts, or group and individual coaching with pro golfers around the world. Also, some of the offers which are solely made for Excluzen members are not available under the respective brands.


Urvashi Bahuguna Sahay, CEO & founder,, said, “We don’t believe in the word ‘competition’. Excluzen is not a regular discounted portal. Even though online, it can customize and personalize services, right down to individual customers needs. The key target audience for us is HNIS, Corporate, SMEs, NRIs and Expats. Excluzen provides exquisite experiences for the customers.our major focus area is to position Excluzen as the finest brand and lifestyle experiences on the web. We have roped in Perfect Relations for our media relations and India Bulls for Digital ”


The marketing and ad spend for the company is 30-35 per cent of its investment cost. They are also looking at magazine advertising. Excluzen has been doing below-the line activities like running a contest on its Facebook page. Online advertising is geared towards a user base outside India. They are targeting 50,000 transactions by end of next fiscal. The company is not following any advertising model but function on profit sharing with their partners where they charge 10-20 per cent of the product value as commission. They also have an ‘exclusive’ offering every month where a select partner can promote a limited edition product at a premium price and for this service, they charge higher margins.


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    Well written with credibility

  2. Very informative feature! I appreciate this feature. Yes I know that excluzen not only provides premium brands but also lays emphasis on experiences. Thanks for sharing post.

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