The Anchor: The top 5 things we can expect from IPL 5

29 Mar,2012

By Rajneesh Chaturvedi


#1 Watch out for new sponsors:

Look out for and identify new brands that will be using IPL in their marketing communication, all for the first time.


#2 New campaigns and Innovations:

Watch out for new and innovative campaigns in IPL this year. Traditionally Vodafone has always launched new campaigns around IPL year on year, and every year we see some or the other innovative advertisements on the ground and on air. This year too we can expect new and innovative campaigns during IPL.


#3 What’s new from Max this year:

It would be interesting to see what Max has to offer, considering that the advertising and media fraternity is slightly apprehensive of the ratings this year.


#4 New on-ground experience for viewers:

What are the new things viewers can expect – the entertainment, the opening ceremony, all this is related to the experience a person gets in the stadium across the 12 venues.


#5 New IPL winner?

Last but not the least – are we looking for a new IPL winner this year? Last two IPL seasons, we had the same winner – Chennai Super Kings. Will we have a new winner in season 5?


Rajneesh Chaturvedi is the National Director, MEC Access.


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