The Anchor: 5 reasons why this is the most important week in the year

26 Mar,2012

By A N Chorrea


1. Heck, we are on March 26. Last few days to shore up revenues and this is decidedly the last week of the financial year for a good part of Indian companies. So for that one last time, go for it!


2. It’s the last few days to make those tax-saving investments. If you don’t make them now, you could have to pay more tax for the year and, of course, save less.


3. April will see appraised salaries, if not higher. It’s also the time of the year which sees a maximum number of people quitting, given not-very-nice pay hikes. So time to get those resumes cleaned up and get the LinkedIn profiles in order.


4. For adland, April is Goafest month. Time to rejoice, win awards and along the way, gain some gyaan.


5. Jan 1 is when most people do it, but this is yet another opportunity to make new year resolutions. Get teams energised for the next fiscal. Achieve higher targets.




A N Chorrea is a seasoned mediawatcher writing under a pseudonym.


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