5 reasons why March is an unforgettable month

01 Mar,2012

By A N Chorrea


It’s March 1. In the good old days on Radio Ceylon or Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, we would hear the song ‘Din Hai Suhana Aaj Pehli Tareekh Hai’. I am not much of a radio person now (especially after Radio One turned Hindi and knocked out all its star RJs), but I think I do see an ad with that playing somewhere.


So here are my five reasons why March is an unforgettable month.


1. It’s 30 days and some hours for the year-end. Targets aren’t complete this year. The newspapers say the market’s looking up. But where the sugar are the monies?

2. It’s the month, when the appraisal process starts in most organisations… chances are it’s already done in the boss’s mind

3. It’s the month where one needs to make all the tax-saving investments… but where’s the money in the bank?

4. It’s the month where the kids have their exams. And even if your kids are too small or big or you have none, there are several all around.

5. It’s the month this year where the Union Budget is going to be announced which is a huge distraction for many big spenders… there are just 31 days in the month and we are losing a few thanks to the holidays (and, yes, Holi too!) and now the Budget too.



Here’s wishing you a happy March. Enjoy


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