Santoor goes golden for silver anniversary

22 Mar,2012

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By A Correspondent


Soap brand Santoor has decided to celebrate its 25th anniversary by documenting the journey of women who have changed with the world, achieving new heights and making a difference.


Santoor started its journey as a sandal & turmeric soap focused on the ingredient benefits. Draftfcb Ulka crafted a benefit-led positioning of a ‘skin that lies about your age’. It was based on a universal insight that looking younger than their age is a big high for women. The creative idea of a mother being mistaken for someone younger has remained consistent for the last two decades. The creative execution however, has kept pace with the changing times and the portrayal of the Santoor protagonist has consistently been refreshed and modernized. The success of the brand – as India’s third largest soap today, is a testimony to the power of the idea.


On the eve of its 25th Anniversary, Santoor has created a new identity for the brand with a new logo and a new pack. It was an opportunity to modernize the brand, make every Santoor user feel proud about the brand and appeal to a wider audience. It was also an opportunity to do something different, while adhering to the brand’s core values of offering younger looking skin. So, to unveil this new identity and create some sense of excitement about the new Santoor, Draftfcb Ulka, Bangalore has created an ad showcasing beautiful women of today, from different walks of life, a photographer, a choreographer, an executive, a musician and many more, all coming together to unveil the new ‘sunehra’ Santoor.  Shot in a picturesque natural surroundings, the films captures the essential nature of the brand promise, goodness of natural ingredients, that come together to offer great skin, that makes you look years younger.


According to Chax, National Creative Director, Draftfcb Ulka, “The film not just celebrates the evolution of women but also celebrates beauty…as anenduring beauty”. According to Siddhi Desai, Copy Supervisor, Draftfcb Ulka, Bangalore, “The new Santoor film is a toast to all the women of today. It is something Santoor hasn’t seen before; it is something the beauty category has never seen before.”


The music and a theme song has specially been composed by Anand for the film. There is a memorable two-line refrain that is bound to resonate with the consumers for a long time.


Directed by Vishal Manglorkar of Milestone Films and shot by cinematographer Sejal Shah, this blockbuster, with its scale, lilting music and beauty is bound to make the brand appealing to an even wider audience and take the brand to a higher level of success.



Agency: Draftfcb Ulka

National Creative Director:K.S. Chakravarthy

Creative Directors: Dharmesh Shah, Siddhi Desai

Client Servicing: Deepak Kohli, Syed Imran, ArathiAravind and Celia Vincent

Films Co-ordinators: AlpaJobalia, Stanley Christian

Production house: Milestone Films

Producer: Fareed Khan

Director: Vishal Manglorkar

Cinematographer: Sejal Shah

Music Director: Anand


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