[PR Channel] Indian PR industry – gearing up to absorb new opportunities

01 Mar,2012

By Valerie Pinto


The PR industry in India has seen steady growth ever since it carved out its own niche after coming out of the shadow of advertising or its later avatar – MarComm. In today’s knowledge economy, PR has evolved in all its elements and has effectively redefined its role in communications to touch upon newer areas of specialization. Apparently, the scope and dimension of PR today is restructured across a more comprehensive consulting sphere than a mere platform for specific, one-off media deliverables.


Build durable partnerships that reflect a consulting approach

Today, PR in India is ideally positioned to scale up to the next level and redefine its domain. In a high growth economy of the size of India with myriad issues and events, the opportunities for PR surely weigh more than the threats. PR needs a more comprehensive approach that looks beyond short, cyclic deliverables and include durable partnerships that reflect a consulting approach.


PR will attract bigger budgets as advertising outlays shrink

With advertising budgets hitting the ceiling and the emphasis more on ‘bang for the buck’ rather than creative hype, PR is set to attract bigger budgets based on longer term strategies and deliverables. The need to define the boundaries of hype-centred mega budget advertising in the knowledge economy grew in relation to the high precision deliverables of PR.


Hiring practices in the PR industry must reflect present-day realities

The PR industry faces real scarcity of appropriate talent as hiring policy and practices have remained rather antiquated. Industry thought leaders must step in to correct the imbalance and offer guidance in defining the parameters through interactive platforms like conferences, seminars and workshops.


New minds must enter the consulting space within PR

A consulting approach essentially points to a partnership with emphasis on strategic longer term deliverables. This requires fresh thinking and a broader perspective of what comprises the redefined domain for PR in a fast growing economy.


Adopt a business consulting model to excel and expand current services

The existing range of services, that the bulk of the PR industry offers, must increase manifold in order to adopt a business consulting approach which is based on the principles of a win-win partnership. Rather than one-off solutions, PR firms should offer a range of services covering not just “prevention” over “cure” for crisis situations but also image management and pre-emptive communication to achieve strategic goals.


Focus on both industry experience and management excellence

The PR industry’s expansion into a larger domain will be essentially driven by a talented pool of professionals with high levels of industry experience and management excellence. It is absolutely important that the larger horizon is more than sufficiently inculcated into the new crop of PR professionals for them to gauge the challenge ahead.


Showing the way

The PR industry in India needs to redefine its vision, and actively engage clients to forge win-win partnerships covering not just deliverables but also long-term strategy. Such partnerships require engagement at different levels with the client and their market apart from achieving operational equilibrium wherein they consult the PR agency in all matters regarding communication strategy.


The Indian PR industry is on the cusp of exponential growth as the mood in the economy shifts toward more transparent growth and what has often been described as a “level playing field”. In a better regulated environment, it is PR that promises to balance the delivery of communication in the fast evolving environment. The Indian PR industry is fundamentally strong and should fulfil its potential by making the most of this opportunity.


Valerie Pinto is CEO – Perfect Relations.


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