PlanetRadiocity launches new genre on Web Radio

21 Mar,2012

By A Correspondent has formally launched its new web radio genre, IndiPop Radio, which plays back-to-back IndiPop hits 24×7. The newly launched web radio station will feature popular IndiPop music from all over the world, the segment will also feature popular music of artistes like Lucky Ali, Mohit Chauhan, Kailasa, Strings, Junoon, Apache Indian, Sukhbir and so on.


The launch of the IndiPop stream (a new genre on PlanetRadiocity Web Radio) is said to be an effort to expand the offerings of PlanetRadiocity Web Radio. Web Radio which offers 24 hours of streaming internet radio was launched in March 2010 by


Indian rapper Baba Sehgal also launched his new single and video ‘Praji Kunjam Kunjam Control’ exclusively on PlanetRadiocity Web Radio. Listeners will have to visit IndiPop Radio on’s Web Radio to listen to the song.


A little more than three years since its launch,, the music portal from Radio City, is set to undergo a revamp. Its Web Radio, after ‘Live Radio’ and ‘IndiPop’ will very soon launch more genres such as Devotional and Independent music to name a few. In conversation with MxMIndia, Ms Rachna Kanwar, Head – Digital Media and New Business, Radio City the brain behind spoke about the future trends of online radio, mobile plans for PlanetRadiocity, on the revamp plans and much more.


Q: Can you throw some light on the new web radio station – IndiPop? 

Last year we started ‘Web Radio’, which is a separate entity and not the same as the terrestrial radio. Web Radio has been created keeping in mind our TG which is the internet audience and now we have launched IndiPop Radio which was formally launched on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. We believe there is a huge space that is yet to be filled by the non-film music. Today most people are focusing only on Bollywood music, which of course is very popular and we too play and endorse it.


However there are also other genres or type of music which are very popular and have a lot of audience and hence needs to be played. In fact most of the popular Bollywood singers have emerged from this genre (IndiPop) whether they are Kailash Kher, Mohit Chauhan, Shaan etc. So if Bollywood is dipping into this creative pool then why not create space for the IndiPop genre itself. This year in fact is in a way seen as a comeback of the IndiPop genre because a whole lot of artists of this genre are announcing their albums whether it Lucky Ali, Indus Creed or Baba Sehgal himself.


Q: Now, once an artist launches his/her album, take for example the Baba Sehgal album… How does PlanetRadiocity promote it or take it forward?

What we plan to do is take a 360 degree marketing approach by promoting it through our terrestrial radio station, online we will be using the social media, search engine marketing, mailers, promos etc. and then create events around it.


Q: On Web Radio, (launched in 2010) you have Live Radio and now IndiPop Radio. How has the response been for web radio? What are new genres that you would explore soon?

Very soon we will be launching devotional music and independent music which is very different from Indipop and many more. Our TG is completely the internet audience i.e. anybody and everybody who is interested in listening to music but, our web radio are consumed heavily in offices and by college students. Apart from them, we have a whole lot of audience listening from home as well and a large chunk of them are the NRI’s. We have received huge response from audience on our Web Radio. We have about 1.6 million listeners from across the world including UK, US and Pakistan etc.


Q: Is there a market for web radio in India? What is the audience profile that visit PlanetRadiocity’s web radio? Do Radio City listeners also visit the website?

Frankly, people have just begun to understand digital music in India, people are becoming quite aware of music online and therefore you have more websites targeting music lovers online. So there is a market for web radio in India and we have been quite successful with web radio.


Radio listenership to a certain extent has been moving to the digital platform and while we do realize that radio has its loyal listeners, there are listeners particularly the younger ones who are moving to digital. We already have headway in engaging this audience, we have a full-fledged digital team and music website.


Q: The business model for web radio (and PlanetRadiocity) is ad sales led, isn’t it? Is there any other revenue source?

Web Radio is also dependent on banner advertising and ad sales etc. The advantage being that within the stream also one can sell air time and which is a huge advantage for us because our sales team know how to sell air time.


Q: It’s been nearly 3.5 years since the launch of You have the web radio now and more genres to come. Any plans to revamp the website or give a new look to the web radio section?

Yes, very soon we will be revamping the website. We would also be including new features in it which should happen in about a month time or so.


Q: How are you leveraging mobile? Any mobile specific plans? Will mobile internet users also be able to listen to PlanetRadiocity web users?

We are in the process of creating mobile apps for the website. Once these apps are created we will also have mobile internet users also visiting our website.


Q: How has 2012 welcomed PlanetRadiocity? What can we expect from you this year and say a few years from now?

The year 2012 looks extremely positive and encouraging because we will be launching a new look, we would be launching a lot of music streams, new web radio genres etc. which will attract new audience. As far as our growth target is concerned we have been able to meet them.


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  1. Himanshu says:

    Congrats to Rachna and her team for the initiative. An initial thought after reading this story….Planet Radio City being the only “branded” internet radio sation in the country, is taking these initiatives as a reaction to the upcoming launch of Radiowalah?