NDTV goes for a new look

07 Mar,2012

By Rishi Vora


In a bid to remain true to its brand promise of being a channel that does not sensationalise, NDTV has made subtle changes in terms of look and feel of the channel. The logo has been changed from black to a lighter shade of grey; the tickers on the top and the right and left panels of the channel have been done away with and the most important of the changes: only ‘important news’ will be declared as ‘breaking news’.


Explaining the thought process behind the new look, Vikram Chandra, Group CEO and Executive Director, said: “NDTV is a channel with a difference. We don’t resort to sensationalising, hysteria or tabloid kind of news for TRPs. The idea behind the new look is to really represent that philosophy and the brand promise visually”. Chandra believes that the new look is elegant, classy and clutter-free; giving the channel a distinct edge over others.


On the decision to not flash ‘breaking news’ like many other channels do (more so in the Hindi news genre), Mr Chandra clarified, “Not that we will not cover breaking news. We will continue to cover news in the manner we have been covering, but you will not see many things flashing on the channel. There is a tendency in the industry to flash everything as breaking news and we, as a channel, do not subscribe to that thinking.”


“As many of our viewers and opinion makers in the country believe, NDTV stands for certain values in the news space. The new look will further reinstate that belief in their minds that we as a channel are committed to the brand promise,” he added.


While Mr Chandra is optimistic that the new look will help the channel keep the brand promise going, the flip side is that channels which showcase hysteria and sensational news, have got more eyeballs whereas channels showing content in a more subtle and subdued manner haven’t quite been successful on the ratings front. How does NDTV, as a group, look to tackle this big challenge? “The present environment is such that the present rating system doesn’t necessarily support subtlety. But, that’s fine. It is our constant effort to tell our viewers and advertisers about our brand promise and how we are different.”


All three channels – NDTV 24×7, NDTV India and NDTV Profit have gone through this makeover exercise. Websites have also been revamped and the company expects to make some positive impact on its advertisers and viewers.


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