MxMIndia Comment: 101 days to digitization

22 Mar,2012

By Pradyuman Maheshwari


Oh, yes. Just 101 more days to digitization. Day 100 is a holiday in the key market of Mumbai on account of Gudi Padwa, so we thought it was appropriate to kickstart MxMIndia’s countdown in digitization a day ahead.


Not many have appreciated the true significance of digitization. To my mind (and that of various others in the country), it’s the next most important milestone after the advent of colour television and private satellite channels. In relevance, perhaps a shade lesser, but in terms of execution by far the biggest. Which is why there’s no overnight change as they have with petrol fares, and it’s being done in a phased manner with just the four metros of Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi to start with. And that’s July 1. June 30 is the sunset date. The last day for analogue.


So are we ready for digitization? Yes, we are getting there, most people will tell you. But the reality is that we are far from it. Loads need to be done in tough markets like Mumbai and Delhi. Awareness levels are low and there is no clear urgency.


And to top it, last week’s Budget had no sops for set-top boxes, the all-important contraption you need to receive digital transmission. We’ve also had a joint I&B secretary announcing punishment for those who fail to comply.


Starting today, MxMIndia will bring you updates and bytes from various stakeholders. We’ll tell you how channels are getting ready to retain viewers and cope with the transparency that the new mode of transmission will bring in. We’ll tell you more about how all of this will impact audience measurement and media buying.


We’ll bring you the ringside view on the real issues. We may not be able to solve the problems, but we’ll do whatever it takes to highlight the problems and solutions.

And, as always, we’ll tell you what’s good for you.

Like we believe digitization is a boon for consumers and the industry.

101 days to go.  Let’s go for it.


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  1. Roopsharma21 says:

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