[MJR] The missing case of espelling & grammaria

28 Mar,2012

By Ranjona Banerji


Everydays when I reads a newspapers I am realising that espelling and grammaria are mostly presence in their absent. Many has been noticing these trend for many year but mainly its still annoying. Solution are not being found but thats because effort are not being maid.


How to be telling peoples in newspapers for examples that “lesser” is being a qualitative comparison and not quantitative. You cannots pays lesser moneys for somethings unless what you means is that the currency you is using is less important or valuable than the normal one. You cans however be a lesser speller than others


Why be spelling “minuscule” as “miniscule”? It is not related to a short skirt. Why say “path-breaking” when you are meaning “ground-breaking” – why would you be breaking up a path?

Why be putting a question mark after “How the West was won”. It is not a question. Blames are being put for all these on computer and young peoples who are not taughts English in schools. Then great writer Chetan Bhagats is saying what is the grammarian and espellings so greats anyways. Even great actor John Abrahams is saying anyways and hintings he not going to get more darker and will become more fairer. That is the why the prime ministers will one day be sayings in newspapers headlines “Anyways I doesn’t care abouts Mamata Banerjee. Akhilesh Yadav is lesser troubles”.


I wills then be looking for the longer rope and the more tall fan for small hangings and other purpose.


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