@FF12: IBF, ISA & AAAI announce launch of BARC

15 Mar,2012

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Video and Text By Shruti Pushkarna


The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), the Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) and Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) announced the official formation of a nationwide audience research joint body, Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC).


The announcement was made at the inaugural day of FICCI Frames 2012 in Mumbai in presence of I&B Secretary Uday K Varma, TRAI Chairman Dr JS Sarma, Managing Director & CEO of ZEE Punit Goenka, Star India COO Sanjay Gupta, Times Television Network MD & CEO Sunil Lulla, Star CJ CEO Paritosh Joshi, Madison Group Chairman Sam Balsara and Landmarc Leisure Corporation MD Paulomi Dhawan.


IBF will have 60 per cent stake in BARC, while ISA and AAAI will each have 20 per cent stake.


Originally founded in 2008, BARC was earlier to be set up as a joint venture between the IBF and the ISA on a 60:40 ratio and initial investment of Rs 300 million. However, there was a need felt for the apex body of ad agencies – the AAAI – to also be part of the BARC.


Talking about the way forward, Paritosh Joshi, CEO, Star CJ said BARC will be similar to what BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) is in the UK. He said, “There will be a professional CEO who will be appointed, and we have learnt a lot from watching the BARB work in the UK and one of the things that makes BARB work as well as it does is that they have a professional management system. So we are going to learn from the best practices around the world and one of those best practices is to make it run like a professional setup.”


A technical committee is being set up, now that all the stakeholders are in place. Mr Joshi said, “The Board of Directors will appoint a technical committee Chairman and then a technical committee and that is where the work actually begins. The work really is going out there and finding the best solution for television audience measurement in India.”


BARC will not conduct audience measurement directly but commission independent specialist research vendors.


The Board of the council will have 10 members, six members from the IBF and two members each from the ISA and AAAI.


Talking about the formation of BARC, Abdul Khan, Senior Vice President & National Head of Business Marketing, Tata Teleservices remarked, “I don’t really think that we need another currency…I think the task is to make what we have more robust and it’s never ending. If two, why not three, why not four? So we should have one currency that is comprehensive enough to tackle major problems and be accepted by the entire industry.”


“Maybe we need to get people from the younger generation on board  to figure because it is a rapidly changing environment. I am not seeing any changes happening in television research in India – it’s become static in a way. So we need to make it more robust.  Sample size has to increase; one also needs to look at the quality of the sample etc. It’s like if it’s not broke, why you trying to fix it,” added Mr Khan.


Paulomi Dhawan, MD, Landmarc Leisure Corporation said, “Advertisers are always looking for transparent and robust research and in-depth insights in the rapidly changing television viewership landscape. With time, it is going to be more challenging and you will need more insights from research. We have been working together since some time to launch BARC.”


ISA Chairman Bharat Patel added, “ISA is pleased to be a part of this joint industry body, BARC, along with the IBF and AAAI to provide continued and meaningful research.”

with additional inputs by Rishi Vora


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