@FF12 Takeaways: Digitization rules the roost @FICCI Frames 2012

20 Mar,2012

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Text and Video by Shruti Pushkarna


FICCI Frames 2012 concluded on March 16 in Mumbai. MxM India spoke to some delegates at the event to find out what were their respective takeaways from the three-day convention.


Nachiket Pantvaidya, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Star Pravah

Well I think FICCI Frames has always been a good meeting point to exchange new ideas but in India this FICCI Frames is very important because we are at a juncture where most creative fields are exploding at exponential rates and I think we are at a stage where we are going to grow at an unreal pace both in terms of numbers and qualitative content. And it’s very important that all of us come together to surf over the waves of growth. So it’s been a very enriching experience.


Naresh Chahal, Director-Finance, Indian Broadcasting Foundation

I am coming since last ten years, there have been useful discussions on various issues, I like FICCI because of the fruitful discussions on various aspects.


Leela Samson, Chairman, CBFC

I come to these sessions to bring some sign of relief for the industry in terms of certification, the manner of certification. The speed of certification, these are things that film producers and directors are really worried about. So we are trying very hard in CBFC to make that as easy as possible, as agony free as possible but we expect the industry also to follow some norms in terms of the time that it would take to do that. So it’s a win situation for everybody if we can work together.


Raman Kalra, Director & Partner, Industry Leader- Media & Entertainment, IBM Global Business Services India

This is perhaps the best forum that can happen on media. FICCI has been doing a terrific job year after year and the best part this year is that for the first time Frames is completely away from movies and the focus is on digitization, essentially TV industry completely swept it away. A lot of positivity, people have stopped asking basic questions like, ‘will digitization happen’, the questions are more like. ‘will it happen on time’. So I think that shift itself is a lot of positivity, people have accepted the fact that it’s going to happen now. And the discussions are more on how to monetize it better, so I am quite happy.


Gary Mittlestaedt, Policy Manager, Content & Media, Intel Corp

It’s been very encouraging and informative session. An incredible place to come for networking, to explore business opportunities. The sessions have been very insightful, the quality of the engagement are better than years past, so it’s been very good.


Ashok Mansukhani, Director, IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd

I think it’s one of the most productive that we’ve had in the last decade. I think this time there’s been a lot of serious discussion, it’s been a good platform for various service providers to come together, a good platform for audience to participate with service providers and understand their viewpoint and I think this time FICCI Frames has been very focused.


Ravi Mansukhani, Managing Director, IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd

Being an MSO, a wonderful surprise to see a few sessions on digitization and on cable. FICCI is more about content but content has got a prominent role to play with digitization coming in, so it was very pleasant surprise to see people taking digitalization so seriously.


Achyut Vaze, Dean, FLAME School of Communication. Veteran theatre & TV professional

There was a full session on shortage of skills in media but what was not discussed at all was the need for education in basic arts related to media, starting from theatre, inclusive of filmmaking, going up to all the related areas. We require a combined area which can look into this so that we can have good media people, not just in films but also in print, TV, print and new media. I have been coming every year…I am finding it a little monotonous now. There have been a lot of issues which have been discussed over the last three days about the digital future, about how that can affect society at large, so that’s quite a significant aspect that has been discussed here.


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