Exclusive: BCCL President Bhaskar Das is now also Principal Secretary to MD

09 Mar,2012

By A Correspondent

It was Holi. And time for colour and loads of cheer.  In media-land, we received this missive via our BBM: Bhaskar Das, the man who brought to The Times of India group most of its monies (as head of response), and the man who’s captained many industry associations and is known for his very interesting and intellectual questions at media industry conferences, will now be President and Principal Secretary to the Managing Director at Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd (BCCL). MD = Vineet Jain.


In a signed office advisory, Mr Jain recognises Dr Das’s contribution to the company. “Bhaskar Das has always excelled in every responsibility entrusted to him – be that of leading Response function to newer heights, brand management, profit centre head or special projects in the area of Wellness, Times Foundation among others.” And he mentions that the new role “has the potential of becoming a gamechanger for the Group”.


So what does this gamechanging role mean?


In addition to the responsibilities he has been entrusted with at ‘Brand Capital’ (eka Private Treaties), Dr Das will now look after the following:


* Exploring new revenue opportunities across the group’s media initiatives

* Evolving a collaborative sales approach across various group properties

* charting out a future roadmap for Optimal Media Solutions (that is, Medianet)

* Facilitating a shared understanding an aligning all functions and group cos. to shareholder philosophies and objectives


The end-objective is to “capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and expertise and to leverage the same across the Group”.  Given this, Mr Arunabh Das Sharma, Executive President – Response will report to Mr Ravi Dhariwal.


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