Budget 2012: Video reactions from trade

17 Mar,2012

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By Team MxMIndia


At the sidelines of FICCI Frames 2012, where there was much talk about digitization from both the industry and the government, MxMIndia caught up with a few industry members to get their reactions on the Budget.


Nachiket Pantvaidya, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Star Pravah

To be very honest at this point in time we like to go by the market forces so we don’t expect subsidies from the government. What we do expect is some kind of support in nurturing local talent in providing a base for regional television to shoot and to propagate learning and education in the regional field. Honestly, I think this has to be done through market forces in sync with the government and not through a subsidy model.


Naresh Chahal, Director-Finance, Indian Broadcasting Foundation

There is no incentive or concession given to set top boxes for the broadcasting industry and the ministry has already issued a notification for digitization and the first sunset date is July 1. So we are not happy with the way the government has not given any concession. We were expecting 0 percent duty on set top boxes to get a set top box at a nominal cost.


Raman Kalra, Director & Partner, Industry Leader- Media & Entertainment, IBM Global Business Services India

Nothing much was expected from the Budget. There were some expectations though, like FDI will go up for digitization, maybe it will happen for cable, some tax relief, that hasn’t come through but industry has already accepted it. They don’t need these one or two things to go ahead on digitization. It’s moving very fast so it will happen.


Ashok Mansukhani, Director, IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd

The Budget doesn’t go into the cost to be borne by the government. The government calls digitization a public private partnership, in fact, the private sector will have to spend, the cable sector and the MSOs will have to spend. What we had asked for was that if we spend 40000 crore, we need to also be in a position to be able to get fiscal incentives, tax incentives, duty exemptions, unfortunately all has been denied.


Ravi Mansukhani, Managing Director, IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd

We are very disappointed, anywhere else if you look, government always helps towards digitalization. There is no infrastructure status, you are not getting any fiscal incentives, nor are you getting favourable interest rates from banks, so basically we are very disappointed because the entire burden of digitization has fallen on the MSO, on the cable sector and there’s going to be a lot of funding required and we are disappointed that there was nothing done on either duties or fiscal incentives.


Amit Dev, Director CMAI & Head of Focus Group of Multimedia

I strongly feel that government doesn’t take a step in a direction unless they see a significant addition of tax or money making to the exchequer through multiple secondary direct indirect ways. So if there is no mention this year that means it is not among the top ten priority issues of the government.


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