Ashutosh: Anna book is written in anger

23 Mar,2012

Video and Text by Shruti Pushkarna


Launching his book titled, ‘Anna: 13 Days That Awakened India’, in New Delhi, Ashutosh, well-known Hindi journalist and Managing Editor of IBN 7 noted that the book was not about Anna Hazare but about the larger people’s movement. Addressing a gathering of journalists, social activists, politics, family and friends at the book launch, he said, “People think that the book is about Anna Hazare, it is not about Anna Hazare. It traces the movement, from where it started, the principal actors of the movement, their confrontation with the government and the politics of the day. Basically it encapsulates the entire movement from beginning to end.”


The 74-year-old activist, Anna Hazare released the book written by TV journalist Ashutosh on the agitation in Ramlila Maidan last August, at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.


In the book, Ashutosh weaves together the story of the thirteen days of Anna’s hunger strike. He had a ringside view of the developments, stationed as he was at the Ramlila grounds in New Delhi, the venue of the fast, and had intimate access to the two warring parties, the Congress government and Team Anna. Lauding the book, Mr Hazare said that it would be a great source of inspiration for the youth for whom this book will serve as a historic account of those thirteen days.


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Ashutosh told the audiences that he’d written this book in anger at the so-called ‘elitist’ section of society who, he feels, have failed to understand the anti-corruption movement led by Anna. He also said that despite being a Hindi journalist, he chose to write the book in English because he wanted this group of people to read the book. He said, “This book is written in anger. Anger because through the movement I realized there is a section of English intelligentsia which is refusing to understand the movement and they are unnecessarily trying to find faults and trying to project it as anti-democracy. These people I thought, had no understanding of reality, they had never been to the Ram Lila Maidan, so I thought if I wrote in Hindi these people won’t read it. I wanted them to read and realize that there is a section of society which is very angry with their stand. That’s why I decided to write this book. I wanted to take my battle to their turf to understand how wrong they are. I wanted to take the battle to those who claim to be the guardians of history but actually know nothing about it.”


The book release was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Editor-in-Chief, IBN 18 Network, Rajdeep Sardesai. The panelists included social activist Arvind Kejriwal, BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy, and Anna Hazare. Talking about the Anna movement, Arvind Kejriwal, member of Team Anna said that three factors had led to the success of the movement. One was Hazare’s leadership, second anger of people against corruption and third was the fact that Team Anna provided an alternative to fight the menace.


Responding to whether the movement had lost its steam, Anna Hazare said that we will come to know by 2014 whether the movement still has the steam. He said, “There are questions about the movement. Some people doubt that the movement has lost the steam. Whether the movement still has the steam, we will know in 2014 when the country goes to general elections.” He added that he will wait till mid-May to see whether Parliament passes a strong Lokpal law during the ongoing budget session and then embark on a nation-wide tour to awaken people about the issue.


Mr Hazare also said that one law cannot end corruption and therefore what we need is a change in the system. BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said, “What we need is a change in the system. Bureaucrats are supposed to construct roads and MLAs and MPs make laws. However, in India bureaucrats make laws and lawmakers construct roads.” Mr Rudy asked how one could call India a functional democracy when a former Chief Minister, who was jailed for a multi-crore scam, gets elected to the Lok Sabha. Mr Rudy extended full support to Mr Hazare’s movement and appealed to Mr Hazare to urge good people to join politics.


Rajdeep Sardesai expressed his reservations about the movement but he accepted that somebody has to take the lead in the fight against corruption.


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  1. I don’t like this book. kyo ki hum nhi jante anna kon hai ram dev kon hai hum shirf ye jante hai ki hum un do logo ka sath de rhe hai jinhone brstachar ke khilaf bolne ka sahsh kiya aur hum dil se samrthan dete hai hai.
    per in this book anna aur baba ramdev ko alag alag kerne ki kosis ki gyi hai jabki dono ne apne apne andaj me bharstachar ke khilaf morcha nikala tha hmne desh ko bta diya hai ki hum ek nhi anek hai aeshe me Mr. ASHUTOSH EK NEWS REPORTER En dono ko alag kerne ki koshis ki hai. kan khol ke sul lo Ashutosh logo ko ak juth kerna tum media valo ka kam hai alag alag kerne ka nhi. sach ko bolne himmat rakho apne channel ko age bdane ke liye es bharstachar ko estemal nhi kro. baba ramdev aur anna dono hi Ek ladae lad rhe hai ….aur kal koi aur hoga en dono ki jagah …kaval anna hi nhi chahta ki desh me janlokpal aaye ramdev aur pura india bhi yhi chahte hai…..ramdev ki burae kerne se lakho logo me tumhare parti ros hoga ………rajniti ki rotiya sakne se phile apne gar me chulha jalana shik lo ………

    Radhey Shyam Bairagi
    Ek Yuva Lakhak hai

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