Anil Thakraney: Ready for long copy?

28 Mar,2012

By Anil Thakraney


It’s quite well known that ever since television boomed in India, and ever since the Hindi heartland boys took control of the ad world, the press ad has been dead. No one cares about it, often not even the client. It’s now treated as a support medium which must coldly state the facts, and no more. It is also widely (and incorrectly) believed that people don’t read any more, that they have become video junkies, therefore the copy must be kept as crisp as possible.


With the advent of social media, the last nail in the coffin of the press ad got hammered in. Forget penning long prose, writers today don’t even know how to spell simple words. These are days of “Hiya gr8 2 c u!” In such a gloomy scenario, there emerges a ray of hope. A copywriter has taken the trouble to try and revive the art of writing long copy, and he has come up with a cool idea. Bodhisatwa Dasgupta of Ogilvy & Mather has announced a contest called: ‘Longhand’. Which invites contestants to write long copy ads. And win instant recognition.


What makes things even more exciting is that the entries will be judged by legendary copywriters like Indra Sinha and Neil French. (Below are their posters encouraging writers to participate in the contest.) Moreover, the product briefs sound pretty enticing. One is for a whisky brand called ‘Gambler’, which is sold in little sachets.


Full marks to Dasgupta for trying to do his bit. At least there’s someone out there who’s kept the faith. So get cracking and craft out that lilting prose. And prove to everyone that Indian ad world writers can still write. And can communicate without murdering the Queen’s language.


All the best!


To enter, you can join this Facebook page:


And here’s the link to the contest:




Indra Sinha Neil French



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  1. Hi Anil
    Firstly, thanks for writing about Longhand. Secondly, when did you write this?

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