AdStrat: IndusInd Bank Responsive Campaign

12 Mar,2012

Pranvir Singh Mann, Creative Head,Delhi, RK SWAMY BBDO.


1. Name of the Campaign: IndusInd Bank Responsive Campaign


2. The Brief: Build on the responsive theme by introducing innovative banking solutions


3. Research insights: The core idea was IndusInd Bank is a responsive bank that is ever-ready to innovate in order to help customers lead an easier life. The objective is to establish that IndusInd Bank provides innovative, secure and hassle-free banking solutions.

IndusInd Bank came up with 3 innovative banking services based on the real consumer insights.

  • The innovative ‘Cash On Mobile ATM’ service to help their customers when caught in an unforeseen emergency. The freedom to withdraw cash from IndusInd Bank ATM when you are without cash or card by just receiving a SMS from an IndusInd Bank customer.
  • Calling and getting connected to a bank’s customer care is a big challenge. IndusInd Bank understood this problem and came up with ‘Call Connect’ which allows the customer to get connected to the Phone Banking executive directly.
  • Generally no one bothers to redeem their Credit Card reward points as it’s a hassle and moreover the redemption process and rewards associated with it are quite ambiguous. IndusInd Bank came up with ‘Quick Redeem Service’ which gives the customer a choice to redeem the reward points on the spot.


4. The thought process behind the creative:

The creative had to be clutter breaker and highlight the key benefit of the respective service very clearly.

  • Cash on Mobile: To deliver the message through a situation that one can relate to. Thereby, highlighting the main benefit of the service clearly.
  • Call Kabaddi: Create a visual of the hassle that one goes through while calling up the bank. To make people immediately empathize with the protagonist
  • Quick Redeem Service: to exaggerate the benefit and its impact on the customers.



5. Media vehicles chosen: Primarily TV, Outdoors, Radio


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: It was kept in mind that the service message should be brought out clearly and people should not get confused in the delivery and functionality of the service.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief?



8. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

  • Cash OnMobileATM: Neetu Singh
  • Call Connect: Visual device
  • Quick Redeem Service: The whole set-up and aura


9. Market and client feedback:

Have a good feedback from the client:

Cash on mobile and Call connect: Many customers called the bank for the service related query.

Quick Redeem Service: Many customers called for query related to reward points redemption

Overall, we got a great response from the customers.


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