Ad Strat: Uninor’s ‘Baat baat mein recharge’

05 Mar,2012

Amod Dani, ECD, Leo Burnett


1. Name of the Campaign: Uninor ‘Baat baat mein recharge’ campaign


2. The Brief:

India is a nation dominated by prepaid users. 93 per cent of the mobile services market in India is skewed in favour of the prepaid consumers. Uninor is a pre-paid brand that makes calling more affordable for the common man. The brief to the agency was to create a campaign that can show how Uninor recharges last longer in an entertaining and youthful manner.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”200″][/youtube]

3. Research insights

Through our unique human kind approach we managed to tap into the inherent Indian desire for gossip.  As Indians, we love gossiping and just detest insufficient gossip or half information. This human need to know about the lives of others became a launch pad for our campaign.


4. The thought process behind the creative:

Uninor’s platform of ‘Pay less, talk more’ rides on affordable voice products and value-based prepaid plans. Our new campaign is rooted in the human desire for juicy conversations. However, the need for constant recharge can be an obstruction for the same. The coin dropping execution is an expression of the irritation that comes with constantly recharging. We used the coin dropping pneumonic synonymous with PCO phones of earlier days to effectively bring alive the pains of repeated recharge.


5. Media vehicles chosen:

The campaign is on air right now as Television is a vital cog in our media cycle. We have scheduled a 360 degree roll-out for this campaign including radio, outdoor, on-ground activation and in-store retail merchandising. We also have a digital plan in place to augment the penetration of the campaign.


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

The penny literally dropped with the coin device and the freeze frame approach. It was, therefore, necessary to get the timing absolutely right in order to deliver a simple, clear product with a touch of humour.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

The treatment truly does justice to the fact that Uninor provides more value to the pre-paid user by showing how constant recharge keeps inhibiting juicy conversations.


8. What is the differentiating factor about the ad?

The insight behind the campaign and the coin-dropping execution technique is uniquely simple and relatable. The juicy gossip keeps everyone interested throughout the film.


9. Market and client feedback:

We have received some very positive feedback from the client’s side. The campaign has created a wave of excitement at the client’s end and the numbers are there to show it too. All in all, we see the thumbs are up and some really thrilling times ahead.


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