7 reasons all creative agencies must be at GoaFest

06 Mar,2012

By Dhunji Wadia


#1 GoaFest is the most prestigious advertising festival in India, jointly hosted by the AAA of I and The Advertising Club Bombay.


#2 It’s a wonderful opportunity to attend stimulating seminars and rub shoulders with the best minds in the business from India and overseas.


#3 One gets to see the entire body of innovative work created in the last year.


#4 The size of the organization does not matter – small organizations have as much a chance to win an Abby as big ones do.


#5 Everyone wins – the people who create the groundbreaking work as well as the viewers who get to see all in one stretch. It’s a celebration of the work created by the industry.


#6 The awards also spread good work globally.


#7 They happen in Goa.  I rest my case!


Dhunji S Wadia is President, Everest Brand Solutions.


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