5 things you will never see any FM announcing in the Budget

16 Mar,2012

By A N Chorrea


Yes, it’s Budget Day and while you tune into the various Budget Day specials, here’s our list of five things which you’ll never find the Finance Minister do.


1. Reduce levies on cigarette: Alcohol may have seen some rationalization thanks to various international policies, but taxes on the cancer stick never goes down. Rightly so?

2. Service tax net being narrowed: No way! If your service falls under a category which can be defined to not fall under any listed until now, be sure your celebrations won’t be endless. The FM’s folks keep widening the net every year.

3. Dramatic reduction in income tax: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Will never happen, even though every one tries all tricks in the game to duck direct taxes

4. Make some really sound economic decisions. Remember, the Budget is as much a political document as it’s economic. And when you have in your Finance Minister also your government’s Political Troubleshooter #1, what can you expect.

5. Abolish Budget speeches. It took many years after the British left us to bring the presentation to the forenoon. Now, it might make perfect sense to do away with the Budget, but no one’s complaining. Not the media definitely, as it’s one tamasha we all love… it helps up ratings and readership. And earn some good revenues.


A N Chorrea is a seasoned media-watcher writing under a pseudonym


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