5 reasons why behind every good creative is an even better media plan

09 Mar,2012

By Karthik Lakshminarayan


#1 Media plans ‘Demonstrate’ brand promise

People are increasingly becoming health-conscious these days and one cannot get past a dinner with family and friends without having a conversation around how everyone is watching what they eat or are trying hard to lose weight and maintain a ‘healthy heart’. Hence, when an oil brand which stood for heart health took the simple route of making an RJ lose weight ‘live’ on radio by adopting the brand, it helped ‘Demonstrate’ what the brand stands for, and took the creative forward and helped it work harder for the brand.


#2 Media plans help brands promise become a ‘Reality’

When a chocolate brand started celebrating every happy moment in our lives with chocolate, it was only a matter of time before passing exams became a part of the same. Hence, when the brand celebrated that and we had exam results available on the mobile platform, it was a media plan that made this promise a ‘Reality’ and every single student who passed his exam and looked up his results on the WAP platform had the brand message being dished out to them. This media plan won accolades across the globe!


#3 Media plans show ‘Applicability’ in consumers’ lives

The first time Indian Idol came about, it was a huge success and everyone remembers the hype and popularity the show created. However, to be able to reach each and every nook and corner of the country for auditions was physically impossible and hence evolved the concept of ‘Telecom Partner’, which helped people audition by recording themselves in specially designed booths and sending it to the channel.

The ‘Applicability’ of the telecom partner was strengthened and helped people realise that telecoms help connecting people with not just people but also with their dreams.


#4 Media plan help brands ‘Magnify’ their status

Not so recently, when I was part of Colors and we launched the channel close on the heels of the high-profile launch of 9X and Imagine, we had to ‘Magnify’ the brand and what we stood for to consumers and woo them to our channel. The media plan was designed to Magnify the brand by using network strength and riding every single ad-break on the network with top and tail promos of brand Colors. This magnified the brand promise many times and the intrigue generated was high enough for the channel to be a part of the consideration set amongst viewers and more than magnified the creative of some of the lead shows like Fear Factor and Balika Vadhu.


#5 Media plans that help brands ‘Amplify’ their promise

Who can forget the famous ‘Kodak’ moments and how each and every happy moment is captured even today with these rather famous words – ‘Its a Kodak Moment’. The media plan that sought to ‘Amplify’ this promise rode on the largest media channel and the largest Bollywood award show of its time and the aptness is something which will be cherished for years to come.


Karthik Lakshminarayan is the COO, Crest (Madison Media).


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