5 reasons why activation is a must-have extn on radio

02 Mar,2012

By Ashit Kukian


#1 360-degree:

No campaign is complete without engaging with the potential consumer. Radio activations are an efficient way to blend ATL/BTL communications through a common medium and, therefore, a proposition that is must-do.


#2 Efficiency in cost:

It is not as much about the investment, but what the investment is getting for you. If the critical differentiator is the cost, there are vendors who can operate at significantly less investment. However, the sheer reach of Radio, when coupled with an exciting on-ground activation, would get massive attention and therefore give an efficient cost per contact.


#3 Customization:

Radio offers customized brand solutions that can easily be adapted, scaled and executed. The amount of customization offered is far superior to that of any other medium. The cross-section of touchpoints that a brand can have makes radio activations attractive.


#4 Whoever, wherever:

Radio talks to a diverse set of listeners and can communicate to a cross section of demographics of people. This, in turn, enables almost any brand to engage with their target group.


#5 Better acceptance of brands:

The passion quotient of interaction of consumer with brands is higher on radio as the medium connects with its listeners at a far more emotional level than other mediums.


Ashit Kukian is the Chief Operating Officer of Radio City.

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