Budget 2012 Anchor: 5 M&E ways in which the govt can make monies on the Budget

17 Mar,2012

By A N Chorrea


Bizarre as these sound, given that the government appears to be in need of money if all the extra taxes are an indication, here are a few ideas which Pranabda may like to consider for his speech next year.


1. Take a couple of breaks in the Budget speech. Ensure channels shell out 50 per cent of the revenues earned in these breaks to the government

2. Since it’s a high ratings and readership game, suggest options for profit share to media organizations or just impose stiff charges for budget text document (instant delivery in various formats) and live video

3. Run a contest on channels, newspapers and mobile phones where you can ask for Predict the Proposals. Those who guess it right, can get prizes as well as entry to the Budget speech. Ask mobile companies to part with revenues

4. Democratize the Budget. Take views of the public on what to do with proposals. For instance, taxes on cigarette. Press A for 5 per cent, B for 10 per cent, C for 15 per cent and D for no change. Make money through SMS charge profit share

5. In-speech placement. Shah Rukh’s gain is Saif Ali Khan’s loss. Rather than plug Ra One, Saif should’ve lobbied to ask for a mention of Agent Vinod. Would’ve worked wonders given the March 23 launch. Select in-speech brand placements could get big money (one shaayari in the form of song lyrics may also be allowed).


A N Chorrea is a seasoned media-watcher who writes the MxMIndia anchors under a pseudonym


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