Vidya Heble: A hundred bashes at the keyboard

01 Feb,2012

By Vidya Heble


A hundred days, each ending with a feeling of triumph as we upload stories Big and small. Be it scoops, press events, awards nights, seminars, trade fairs or film festivals – each story is like another dollop of cement in the solid structure of MxM that the team has built up.


A hundred moments of joy as we hit upon That Headline. Sometimes this is followed by a bout of despair when we realize that it won’t fit, and we scramble for an alternative.


A hundred aaargh! moments when we come across oddly-phrased press releases that need to be deciphered by a scientist – sometimes a physicist and at times a microbiologist. And then the quiet elation when we manage to make it readable.


A hundred plunges into despondency as we discover that we’ve goofed, and it’s too late to rectify it. The only cure for this is the dawn of the next day and a fresh palette to work on!


A hundred questions – will this story work? Will this headline sing or sink? What’s a better word for…? Why didn’t I think of that (usually the next morning)?


A hundred answers – every day. With every congratulatory message, every phone call and email and sms and chat popup that says “Good job!”  Yes, the answer is that we not only can, we did.


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