A request from MxMIndia: Please go out and Vote!

15 Feb,2012

By Pradyuman Maheshwari


It’s voting day for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections.  Thursday, February 16.


It’s not a huge public holiday as it is on polling day for the Lok Sabha or Assembly, but there are some offices who have given a chhutti or offered concessions to employees in terms of timings.


Here’s what we have done @ MxMIndia. Being a news company, we can’t be shut, but we have allowed the team in Mumbai and around to come in late or leave early to vote. As an incentive, those who do go out and vote and can prove it by showing the indelible ink mark, will have an extra day added to their balance of earned leaves.


Being a small team, it’s more easily done. But if you can, please do incentivise or put an element of fun. Go, effect a tie-up with the neighbourhood nightspot for a glass of draught when it’s not a dry day.


Do whatever, but vote one must. We keep cribbing about how Bombay’s dying. That Delhi’s infrastructure is so much better. That the Metro services would’ve taken half the time to happen had it been the national capital. That no one really cares an eff about the Metro’s development. Ditto with Pune, whose infra will collapse if allowed to grow indiscriminately. And I am sure that’s the case with other urban centres too.


Participating in the polling process is a good way to help make our respective cities and towns better places to live in. And that’s reason #1 to 100… to infinity for voting. There’s no right to recall elected candidates, but the fact that there have been people in other parts of the world (and even here in India) taking on the rulers via mass protests and social media has shown us that there is a way out of the mess.


Enough gyaan. Please do go out and cast your vote. I am going to, for sure.


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