The Anchor: 7 things for Lifestyle channels to remember

09 Feb,2012

By Smeeta Chakrabarti


#1 Till a few years ago, most of the programming on lifestyle channels was imported. Giving an Indian touch to programming is important as it makes it exciting for the Indian audiences. For example, even though there are many international news channels such as BBC and CNN, the perspective changes when the programming is done by an Indian channel.


#2 India has the most amazing and interesting lifestyle. We can teach something to every other country – About food, the way we eat, we drink, the way we get married, clothes etcetera. It is important to keep in cognizance that India has a lot to give to the west.


#3Today the world is adopting our lifestyle and not the other way around. The flow is now from East to West, and countries like India and China are going to dictate to the West about lifestyle issues. The world has to catch up to the big fat Indian wedding.


#4 India is a young and affluent country and the current generation spends in a different way from the way our grandparents used spend. We are not hoarders any more and we don’t necessarily save.


#5 Especially in the Indian context, lifestyle is not just about brand names and tags – it’s also about quality and trades craftsmanship, something that India is very good at. It’s not just about imported labels but also feeling pride about what we Indians are doing indigenously at the grass root levels. That is what makes us special.


#6 Being Indians, we have to be proud of the India we live in and have to feel great about this country. It’s about living in the best possible way with the resources available.


#7 The genre will definitely grow. When we started there was just one international channel, with international programming, and the genre has grown ever since with launches of newer channels. Along with the regional space, lifestyle and news spaces will grow too.


Smeeta Chakrabarti is the CEO of NDTV Lifestyle Limited.


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