The Anchor: 6 things for the publisher of a business publication to remember

02 Feb,2012

By Vivek Khanna


#1 One of the most important things that the publisher of a business paper – or, for that matter, any publication – has to keep in mind is the content. Accuracy and genuineness of information is critical to the success of any newspaper.


#2 It is extremely important that the content and business sides of a paper are always separate, especially in a business publication. There has to be a wall between the content and business side so that no one can influence the other.


#3 Checking for errors is extremely important. Business news can make or break an economy, hence it is critical to keep many level of checks before any news goes into print. In our organization, we have several levels of checks to ascertain that the news which goes to print is genuine and credible.


#4 Journalists and Editors for a business publication have to be handpicked as they are meant to have a very special skill set and knowledge of the business world.


#5 Business news needs to have more clarity. A lot of information today is lost in business jargon which business papers must stay away from.


#6 In a market where there is a plethora of publications, it is of importance that a business publisher finds the differentiating factor for his product. A differentiated product with credible content is the only way to success.


Mr Vivek Khanna is the Publisher and Business Head of Mint, HT Media Limited.


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